Maya Fifth Sun
                    Dreaming the Maya Fifth Sun
The Maya Fifth Sun begins when the current era (Great Cycle) of the Fourth Sun comes to an end. Many believe this will
happen on December 21, 2012. The Maya knew that planetary cycles were embedded in vast cosmic cycles, and these
kept repeating endlessly to infinity. The cosmic 26,000 tun cycle corresponds to the precession of the equinoxes (25,625
solar years). This cycle is divided into 5 cycles of 5200 tun (5125 solar years). The tun is 360 days, a reflection of earth's
rotation before the cataclysm of 11,500-12,000 years ago that disrupted most of our solar system. The Fifth Sun
corresponds to completion of one full zodiac cycle. Astrologers say we are now entering Aquarius, the first zodiac sign, and
leaving Pisces. Aquarius the Water Bearer brings peace and harmony to earth.

In the Maya Fifth Sun, an age of expanded consciousness, a new human emerges able to live in harmony with the earth, the
environment, all creatures, and the greater cosmic order.

Dreaming the Maya Fifth Sun: A Novel of Maya Wisdom and the 2012 Shift in Consciousness, by
Leonide Martin

Suppose your dreams were portals to a different reality? ER nurse Jana Sinclair's recurring dream compels her journey to
jungle-shrouded Maya ruins where she discovers links with ancient Maya priestess Yalucha, who was mandated to hide her
people's esoteric wisdom from the Conquistadors. Jana's reluctant husband is swept into strange experiences and warns
against further involvement. As the Maya calendar approaches its ending in 2012, Jana answers the call across centuries to
re-enact a mystical ritual for successful transit into the new era, the Fifth Sun. Studying and applying Maya wisdom, she
contends with dark shamanic forces bent on preventing her mission and her husband's devastating ultimatum--and activates
forces for healing their relationship.

The world of the ancient Maya comes alive in all its terrible beauty--stunning architecture, pageantry, war and political
intrigue, sacrifices, cosmic vision and nature powers. Their mystical knowledge and shamanic abilities take you on eerie
journeys into the Otherworld of gods, ancestors and Death Lords.  

"Travel through time and space to ancient Maya realms .  . the details are accurate, giving insight into Maya magic
and mysticism and bringing their message of the new era to come."
- Aum Rak Sapper, Mayan Priestess, DayCounter, Shaman

"Few people have listened to this call and made pilgrimage to ancient Maya centers as in this story, but many will
follow the initiatic process to serve the planet in the Fifth Solar Cycle."
-Hunbatz Men, Elder of the Maya Itza Tradition

"An exotic adventure, weaving Maya teachings into a vivid blend of ancient past and modern reality."
-David "Lionfire" Leonard, Shaman, Priest of Ix Chel

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Story of ancient Mayan prophecy and the new era, the Maya Fifth Sun.
Suppose you could dream a different reality?

And you could slip through portals into the
world of the ancient Mayas .  .  .
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Mayan historical fiction, first novel in the trilogy Maya Visions.  Story set in contemporary and
ancient Maya times.  Gives an accurate perspective on the end of the Mayan Calendar, with
deeper meanings of 2012 according to current Maya elders and ancient Mayan astronomy.