Maya Visions Trilogy
Maya Fifth Sun
Saga of Ancient Mayan

Three historical novels in different time periods of
the Maya's 2000 year civilization.  Experience the
majesty, drama, intrigue, creative arts, courtly
culture and mystical knowledge of these masters
of time and dimensions.

Each story stands alone with different characters
and plots .  .  . and each unveils with historical
and archeological accuracy the lives of actual
Maya rulers, nobles, commoners and their families
and cities.

Dreaming the Maya Fifth Sun: A Novel of Maya
Wisdom and the 2012 Shift in Consciousness.  
(Infinity Publishing, 2006)  Story of ancient Maya
Priestess Yalucha and modern Jana, whose lives
interweave in the countdown to 2012.

Mists of Palenque: The Lives of Four Great Maya
Story of the four great queens of Palenque who
shaped the Bahlam (jaguar) dynasty, the future of
their people and Maya society. (publication in

Lords of the Dying Sun: Chichen Itza and the Fall
of Maya Civilization
Story of the multepal (joint governance) council of
Chichen Itza who pioneered a new social structure
as the wave of future destruction gathered in
                    The Queens and Their Stories

Yohl Ik'nal
(grandmother) was the first female Maya ruler, breaking tradition
to keep succession in her family and using intuitive powers to overcome
political opponents and enemy attack.

Sak Kuk (mother) was Yohl Ik'nal's daughter and assumed rulership after a
devastating attack by archenemy Kan (Calakmul), which put Palenque in
Chaos.  She steered her city through spiritual crisis following collapse of the
portal to gods and ancestors, and retained rulership until her son Pakal was
old enough to accede.

T'zak B'uahau (wife) became Pakal's muse and inspired him to restore
spiritual portals and launch Palenque as the vortex of creativity, art and
political leadership.

K'inuuw Mat (daughter-in-law) married Pakal's third son and ensured
dynastic succession when the brothers had no children.  This visionary
woman foresaw the coming Maya collapse and how to preserve their cultural

Extensively researched using the latest archeological and historical data, the
book takes you inside Mayan high culture:  their soaring architecture,
amazing astronomy, courtly arts, political intrigues, cosmological philosophy,
and complex calendars proving them Masters of Time and Dimensions.

The Four Great Queens sacrificed for family, won the hearts of rulers and
people, and ensured a noble dynasty that shaped the course of Maya
history.  Their compelling stories weave through intimate relationships,
shamanic practices, and challenges as they faced political intrigue and
contended with magical and enemy forces.

Mists of Palenque is your passport into the lives and times of America's
most powerful women rulers, the Four Great Maya Queens.
Ruins of Palenque
by Frederick Catherwood
Mists of Palenque:
The Lives of Four Great
Maya Queens
Four of the most powerful women in ancient
Americas - women who shaped their people's
destiny.  But few have heard of them.  Their
stories lay buried under crumbling ruins hidden
in misty tropical jungles for centuries.

Now the saga of the Four Great Maya Queens
of Lakam Ha (modern day Palenque) bursts to
life in this gripping historical novel.

Set in the height of the Maya Classic Period
(500-700 CE) the story brings rich detail to the
lives of the grandmother, mother, wife and
daughter-in-law of the most famous ruler in the
Maya world, Janaab Pakal I.  In 1952, his royal
tomb was excavated, the richest Maya burial yet
found, comparable to Egypt's King Tut.