Maya Fifth Sun
Maya Yoga
Maya Yoga Program (Yok'hah Maya)  
Maya Yoga is a system of knowledge and practices based on profound understanding
of subtle energy dynamics and an expansive cosmology.  It includes Maya philosophy,
archeoastronomy, spirituality, social application, sacred geometry expressed through
architecture and spacial geography, techniques and practices
such as hand signs,
postures, breath control, chants and meditations.

The ancient Mayas used these yogic practices for controlling energy, expanding
awareness, envisioning and influencing natural forces.  The Itza Mayan word Yok'hah to
god/higher truth).  The Maya were masters of inter-dimensional realities.  

Drawings in Maya codices and on ceramics, sculpted figurines, and carved panels and
stela depict priests and rulers in poses (k'u - hatha), using hand signs (xock'ab - mudra),
and making breath scrolls (manla - mantra) or (k'iik' - pranayama).  Much art shows
people seated for meditation and in trance postures.  Depictions of intertwined
serpents (k'ulthanlilni - kundalini) and vision serpents indicate that the Maya worked with
this energy and attained altered states of consciousness.  

The Maya built cities that reflected their knowledge of the earth and cosmos.  Around
the central plaza were four pyramids for earth 4-directions, aligned to mark solar, lunar
and celestial events.  Pyramids encoded calendars, constellations, and stellar bodies
such as movements of Venus, Mars and the Pleiades.  Magnificent light-and-shadow
phenomenon occur at many sites, such as Chichen Itza and Dzibilchaltun in Yucatan.     

The mystic knowledge and hidden practices of ancient Mayan yogic traditions are
taught by Itza Maya Elder, Shaman and Daykeeper, Hunbatz Men.
Cosmic Initiatic University of Yok'hah Maya
Itza Maya Elder Hunbatz Men, Shaman and Daykeeper
Hunbatz Men, Itza Maya Elder, Shaman and Daykeeper

Re-introduces long-hidden traditional knowledge of Maya
yoga, including philosophy, cosmovision, and practices.

Guides us to live in greater harmony with natural and
cosmological cycles.
Cosmic Initiatic University of Yok'hah Maya
Merida, Yucatan, Mexico

Diplomate Program is an organized course of study including classes, exercises
and practices, meditations, ceremonies, self-study and field trips to sacred Maya sites.  
This knowledge and these practices serve to activate and focus subtle energy, expand
consciousness and support transformation.

Yok'hah Maya brings control of body processes and supports spiritual capacities.  
Those who follow these disciplines are guided to live harmoniously with cycles of earth,
the sun and solar system, and the cosmos. We become more deeply connected with
the beauty, powers and rhythms of the natural world.  Continued practice and study
brings expanded consciousness and the ability to envision in other dimensions.  We are
reconnected with cosmic source.

A Diploma is granted at completion.

Maya origins and mysticism
Mayan glyphs, language and energy flows
Pyramid forms and the human body
Sociey and Zuyua mysteries
Cosmic calendars and cycles of time
Sacred geometry and dualities of energy
Mayan tantra, chakras and generation of life
Mayan cosmology and cosmic harmonization

10-day Programs in Fall and Spring
For information and to register:   
Cosmic Initiatic University of Yok'hah Maya
Spring equinox sunrise at Lol Be,
Maya Cultural and Ceremonial Center,
Maya Initiatic University of Yok'hah Maya.
Established by Hunbatz Men near
Chichen Itza, Yucatan, Mexico
NEW!!  Opportunity to study
Yok'hah Maya in the U.S.

Gate 13 Mystery School

Located in Crestone, CO